Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to the first LOW sale

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the first LOW sale. We are super excited about all the great items offered by our wonderful merchants this week! We hope you find everything you are looking for and more...and at really great prices! When you see the item you want to go look at, just click on the store name to get a tp directly there. Have fun now!

If you would like to apply to become a LOW merchant please contact one of the officers in the group in world.

If you would like to sign up with our scribe-o-matic to receive the list directly each week, please go here.


Sale Price: 225L$
Regular Price: 450L$

P A S A R E L L A is pleased to offer ANGELIQUE Dress in BLACK at Half Price. It is a super sexy, completely see-thru dress that promises to make you look and be the star of the night wherever you choose to use it!
Visit us!

~A.D. ~ Designs

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 100L


Sale Price: 450L
Regular Price: 900L

Anubis Avatar male and female, available in 2 different styles

.bag lady.

Sale Price: 75L
Regular Price: 150L

Ceriano Designs

Sale Price: Jewelry: 50L - Sandals: 75L
Regular Price: Jewelry: 100L - Sandals: 150L

*~Classical Chaos~*

Sale Price: 55L
Regular Price: 110L

A beautiful oval cage surrounded by roses and wrought iron swirl bars... plush suede pillows and 7 poses.. one of them of course being a sleep pose.. what sub or slave wouldn't have amazing dreams in the classically designed cage.

DB Designs

Sale Price: $99
Regular Price: $249

This photo is to demonstrate the poses in the pillow only, this pillow does not come with the above set!

The basket contains 10 copyable single prim pillows each with a different pose, so you can place as many pillows as you like around your home.

D&V Creations

Sale Price: 1000L
Regular Price: 3000L

Ear Candy

Sale Price: 30L
Regular Price: 118L

Ela Designs

Sale Price:50L
Regular Price: 100L

Elsbeth Writer Photography

Sale Price: 45L
Regular Price: 100L

FD Decor

Sale Price: $ 600 L
Regular Price: $ 1225 L

This is the full set only. All separate items are full price.

Finesmith designs

Sale Price: 400L
Regular Price: 1000L

Fior di Perle Skins & Shapes

Sale Price: 500L
Regular Price: 990L

Foxworth Creations

Sale Price: 60L
Regular Price: 120L

This adorable Arbor is just perfect for spring! Relax with your sweetie under the wisteria, and enjoy the fireflies and sounds of crickets in the background! Just 60L this week only for LOW!

Gumi's Bad Box

Sale Price: 100L
Regular Price: 200L

Hectic Moon Designs

Sale Price: L$99
Regular Price: L$249

Sale Price: L$50
Regular Price: L$195


Sale Price: all 4 versions on sale at 60L each
Regular Price: Both items usually on sale for 150L each

There are 2 versions of each item available to be bought... one transfer only so it can be given as a gift and one version copy only so you can treat yourself too.


Sale Price: 75L$
Regular Price: 150L$


Sale Price:L$60
Regular Price: L$120

For exquisite taste an elegant Necklace in silk, gold 24 K in filigrana and precious gems from Jairis.

Jazmyn D

Sale Price: 99L
Regular Price: 199L

Kabuki Creations

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 100L

(Naku, I will get this blogged tomorrow, very sorry I ran out of time.)

Kitchen Korner

Sale Price: 117L
Regular Price: 225L

Serving Platter of Hot Apple Cider & Banana Nut Muffins
Dispenses a cup of hot Cider and a Banana Nut Muffins (sip and eat animated)

Kitchen Kreations

Sale Price: 195L
Regular Price: 395L

This Appetizer Tray dispenses when "touched" an animated plate of mixed appetizers to any guest. Your guest may then "wear" for an automatic "eat" animation. The Appetizer tray may be placed on any surface or one may simply "wear n' server" to use NO prims.

LACE Designs

Sale Price: 125L
Regular Price: 350L

If April showers bring May flowers, what does a sexy little dress like this bring? Why me of course. *laughs* Just kidding, but it does bring loads of admirers. This dress is so soft and pretty, the pale blue and white makes you feel like you are wearing the sky on a beautiful spring day instead of a rainy one. The cool swirly texture and shading looks like a puddle of silky smooth water gently caressing your skin. What better way to 'wash' away the 'blues". *giggles*

The tube top on this is very pretty, sculpted cut around your breasts and hugging your skin tightly, and short enough to show the sexy expanse of your mid-drift. *wiggles her eyebrows* The skirt is hard to understand how nice it is without seeing it moving about your hips and legs. The word it brings to mind is billowy, like a cloud. A lot of skirts I've seen like this will let parts of your body stick out as you move, like your butt and legs...this one doesn't do that. And the pattern is so cool it still looks very pretty when the pieces move separately. And I love how the under-layers that show at the bottom are transparent. Diva has slashed the price by almost a 3rd, do not miss this great deal!

Lemania Indigo Designs

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 375L

Created specially for this weekly event. Every week expect a brand new full priced item offered for 50L.

Lois Allen Designs

Sale Price: 100L
Regular Price: 200L

A beautiful layered dress with split skirt. Can be worn as shown, or without skirt prims for a sleek split dress. Short glitch pants supplied to transform the dress into a cute short dress. Jewelery included.

Ma & Pa General Store

Sale Price: 100L$
Regular Price: 200L$

Miss Honeypumkin's

Sale Price: 111 L$
Regular Price: 250 L$

Piece of Mind

Sale Price: 99L
Regular Price: 199L

Raw Designs

Sale Price: 150L
Regular Price: 400L


Sale Price: 85L
Regular Price: 125L

Highly-detailed neko tail and ears with complimentary black leather arm bracer. Perfect for male nekos but works great for female nekos too! Tail embellished with sculpty hooked spikes, glowing vial of Holy Water, poket-sized bible, gothic crosses, sculls and more. Original chat and menu options, ears loaded up with natural twitchy movements.


Sale Price: $100L
Regular Price: $300L

Lovely Blue Print formal with Lace Trims.

PK PRivate Collection

Sale Price: 150L
Regular Price: 300L

*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*

Sale Price: 349l$
Regular Price: 699l$

"Complete Bedroom with Cuddles, Massages & Sex Menu. High quality textures & Low Prim ! All transfer unless the bed"

Shameless Bits

Sale Price: $299
Regular Price: $599

(Shameless, I will blog this tomorrow, so sorry I ran out of time.)


Sale Price: $75L
Regular Price: $150L

Shelly's Bootylicious Gear

Sale Price: 250L
Regular Price: 1000L

Sher's Cottage Gardens

Sale Price: $32/grouping
Regular Price: $65/grouping

April flowers includes 2 groups: a grouping of yellow daffodils and one of purple pansies!


Sale Price: 48L
Regular Price: 99L

Wizardz of Liz Designs

Sale Price: 100L
Regular Price: 250L

Summer dress in refreshing citrus colours. With a modest V neck front and a plunging back this dress will keep you cool during those hot summer days.