Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bellissima Fine Furniture

chair: $L125, Sofa: $L300

Ma & Pa General Store

Sale Price: 50L$ Emerald Collar

Ear Candy

Sale Price: 30L
Regular Price: 118L

Elsbeth Writer Photography

Sale Price: 45L

Eye Candi Quality Shapes & Eyes / Body Heat Skin/ Beauty by Georgia

Sale Price: 200L
Regular Price: 400L

FD Decor

Sale Price: $ 250 L
Regular Price: LOW Exclusive
This is the full set only. All separate items are full price.

~Firefly Fashions~

Sale Price: L$75 each
Regular Price: L$350 each
Elven Tears is a light Fantasy/Formal wear set that matches patterns and fabrics for both male and female. Luxurious velvets are accented by delicate trim with a soft glowing look. The female version comes complete with the bodysuit, prim skirt, stockings and gloves. The men have pants, peasant shirt, jacket, gloves and socks.

Foxworth Creations

Sale Price: 125L
This huge Eerie Cave has a dark spooky entrance, and contains a waterfall, swooping bats, mist rolling along the floor, and crystals that change color by touch. It's rez-faux packed for easy installation, copyable, and only 15 prims total! Just 125L this week only for LOW!

Hectic Moon Designs

Sale Price: L$98


Sale Price:100L


Sale Price: 100L$
Wonderful Living Room Set at a fantastic price. 26 total seating positions with smooth animations and a simple dialog menu to adjust seating to fit every avatar. Includes Sofa, Chair, Coffee Table and Rug.


Sale Price: l$60.00---->>>>> EACH

Kabuki Creations

Sale Price: 50L

Koko Hair and Fashion at Hot Island

Sale Price: 100L Fat Pack

Regular Price: 800L if sold separately

Koko Hair and Fashion

Sale Price: 150L

LACE Designs

Sale Price: 150L

Lemania Indigo Designs

Sale Price: 50L
Created specially for this weekly event. Every week expect a brand new full priced item offered for 50L.

LOVE TATTOOS and Sandwritings

Sale Price: 50 L
The Tattoo comes on 6 Layers - 3 black + 3 faded

Made by .. Houses & Furniture

Sale Price: L$ 175


Sale Price:90L
Dazzling silver bracelet, carrying ultra realistic diamonds which shine reflecting SL daylight, without any fake bling effect added

Milestone Creations

Sale Price: 75L
Bunneh Home made for Ozimals Bunnies, but work for every other pet as well. Easy accessible, mod/no copy/trans

Miss Honeypumkin's

Sale Price: 60 L$
Regular Price: 250 L$

NuParis Designs

Sale Price:150L


Sale Price: 60 L$ each
Tucked and un-tucked shirt + 2 different flexi ties for both styles.Sculpted collars and sleeves. A must have for your wardrobe.

Private Collection

Sale Price:150L


Sale Price: 90L
Highly-detailed neko tail and ears with complimentary black leather arm bracer. Perfect for male nekos but works great for female nekos too! Tail embellished with sculpty hooked spikes, glowing vial of Holy Water, pocket-sized bible, gothic crosses, sculls and more. Original chat and menu options, ears loaded up with natural twitchy movements.

*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*

Sale Price: 149l$
"Beatiful old cart with lots of different colorful flowers. 1 couple pose & 2 sinlgle poses. The perfect deco for your garden or to gift !"

Shameless Bits

Sale Price: $60
Regular Price: $599


Sale Price: $75L EACH

Shelly's Bootylicious Gear

Sale Price: 100L for dress /200L for gown
Regular Price: 350L dress/800L gown
Includes shoes and purse

Sher's Cottage Gardens

Sale Price: $30


Sale Price: 48L

The Sacred Roze

Sale Price: 100L

Twisted Tailz

Sale Price: $50 L
Sexy Sexy.....short dress, huggin all the right curves, a seductive part of our " Jewel Collection" from Twisted Tailz


Sale Price: 125L

Alexandre skins & fashion

Sale Price:All in 100l$

Butterfly EffectZ

Sale Price: 75L Normally 250L

Catnip Designs

Sale Price: 50L

Ceriano Designs

Sale Price: Jewelry: 100 - Dress: 75

*~Classical Chaos~*

Sale Price: 75L
These lovely and very exquisite suede slave cushions in a dark wooden case are inlaid with a very fine mother of pearl design. This pack include 4 cushions in blue, brown, emerald and purple. 2 prims a cushion and each cushion includes 6 poses. You have to see these in person to really see their true beauty!

D&V Creations

Sale Price: 990 L
Regular Price: 3000 L

Dark Intentions

Sale Price:$29L

DeSiGneR KiDz

Sale Price: 50L$

Sale Week - April 4th - 10th

Hello Customers,
This posting ends the sales for week E, April 4th - 10th. All postings below this are for the previous week.

If you would like to become a merchant with the LOW group, please contact Kayla Bombastic or Audi Kristan.