Saturday, April 10, 2010

Piece of Mind

Sale Price:75L

Private Collection

Sale Price:150L

*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*

Sale Price: 199l$
"Colorful Low Prim Living Room Set in Orange & White:
- Sofa: Menu 1 Couple & 3 Single Poses
- Low Table
- Sideboard"

The Sacred Roze

Sale Price: 60L
Regular Price: 300L
during design this gown was called hope...omnifarious - of all kinds......we all have our own hopes and dreams.

Shameless Bits

Sale Price: $60L
Regular Price: $599L


Sale Price: $75L
Omega Mini Silver incudes resizable matching belt and sculpty collar.


Sale Price: 48L


Sale Price: 275L
3 for the price of 1

Unique Clothing and Tattoos

Sale Price50l

Victoria Endsleigh Couture

Sale Price: 70L
Regular Price: 200L
Every week a new item for 70 linden or less

A Piece of candy

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 300L

Al'Ol Shapes

Sale Price: L$ 199
Regular Price: L$ 470
Best resolution picture click HERE


Sale Price: 100L
L.O.W. exclusive!! Minis normally sold separately only


Sale Price: L$300

Bellissima Fine Furniture

Sale Price: $L425

Butterfly EffectZ

Sale Price: 75L Normally 200L
Orange Stripped Sweater and Cordinating Jeans

Catnip Designs

Sale Price: 50L

*~Classical Chaos~*

Sale Price: 90L
This Oriental Dragon inspired cage comes with 7 poses, red silk pillows, & a scripted door. Very elequent in style, this would be perfect for those who love the orient or dragons. Only 10 prims.


Sale Price: 60 L$
Regular Price: 250 L$

Dark Intentions

Sale Price:$49L

DeSiGneR KiDz

Sale Price: 50L$

:Dirty Word:

Sale Price: 75$L
Shirt & Jeans, all layers and pants come with prim parts that are MOD.

Drake`s Design

Sale price: 175L

Ear Candy

Sale Price: 30L

Elsbeth Writer Photography

Sale Price: 45L
A framed photograph taken in SL. C,M,and T for gift giving.

Eye Candi Quality Shapes & Eyes / Body Heat Skin/ Beauty by Georgia

Sale Price: 399L

Fire GOOD!!!

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 300L
"O" is for OWL... Cute little Owls Play dress for goofing off! Includes top layers, under pants, stockings, and sculpted prims for dress, cuffs, and hat. Original owl print fabric by Ariel Wingtips. (mod/copy)

~Firefly Fashions~

Sale Price: L$33 each

Regular Price: L$333
Elven Tears is a light Fantasy/Formalwear set that matches patterns and fabrics for both male and female. Luxurious velvets are accented by delicate trim with a soft glowing look. The female version comes complete with the bodysuit, prim skirt, stockings and gloves. The men have pants, peasant shirt, jacket, gloves and socks.

Foxworth Creations

Sale Price: 75L
This huge Off-Sim Orange Tropical Moon can be used on the land of your sim or pushed off the edge to sit outside it's borders . It's copyable and only 3 prim, with a vivid orange color and a layer of moving fog around it. Just 75L this week only for LOW!

Hectic Moon Designs

Opal Moon Natural, Basic or Pastel
Sale Price: L$125 each


Sale Price:150L


sale price: each 15L$


Sale Price: l$60

Jazmyn D

Sale Price: 75L

Kabuki Creations

Sale Price: 50L


Sale Price: 50L$

LACE Designs

Sale Price: 65L

Lemania Indigo Designs

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 400L
Created specially for this weekly event. Every week expect a brand new full priced item offered for 50L.

:: LiQUiFiEd ::

Sale Price: L$100

Lois Allen Designs

Sale Price: 100L
This stunningly beautiful floral gown has a low cut short bodice cut to the shape of orchids and leaves and a flowing skirt with removeable train. At just 100L in the LOW sale this is more than a third of the original, pre-sale price for dresses of this workmanship.

Ma & Pa General Store

Sale Price: 100$

Made by .. Houses & Furniture

Sale Price: L$ 225

NuParis Designs


Sunday, April 4, 2010

This ends the sale items for April 11th to 17th

If you would like to be a merchant in the LOW group please contact Kayla Bombastic or Dagda Forzane