Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kabuki Creations

Sale Price: 50L


Sale Price:100L
Regular Price: 300L

Has Been

Sale Price: $100L for all
Regular Price: $125 Each Set/socks & lingerie

Foxworth Creations

Sale Price: 100L
This Hallelujah Island floats above your land and makes a great base for a home in the sky or private getaway area. Copyable and only 6 prims, it is rez-faux packaged for ease of installation. Complete with waterfalls, vines, and falling droplets, this island will be a great addition to your land! Larger multi-island versions are also available at Foxworth Creations. Half price at just 100L this week only for LOW!

~Firefly Fashions~

Sale Price: L$100
Regular Price: L$300
The Firefly Fashions fractal HEARTS eyes are amazingly cute eyes with swirling fractals surrounding a heart shaped pupil. Available in many colors you're sure to find the color to suit your mood and show off how cute you are.

Sale Price: L$100
Regular Price: L$240
The Firefly Fashions simple HOUSE 512-02 is a sophisticated home designed for a 512 sized plot. Weighing in at a mere 41 prims, you'll have plenty of prims left to furnish your house.

Fire GOOD!!!

Sale Price: 10L
Regular Price: 50L

Eye Candi Quality Shapes & Eyes / Body Heat Skin/ Beauty by Georgia

Sale Price: 399L
Regular Price: 799L

Elsbeth Writer Photography

Sale Price: 45L
A framed photograph taken in SL. Wall Decor for home or business.

Ear Candy

Sale Price: 30L

Regular Price: 118L

Dark Intentions

Sale Price:$29L

~*Classical Chaos*~

Sale Price: 75L
A very simple, but classic wrought iron hanging cage with a beautiful ornate swirl patten to the bars and 6 slave poses. A must for the Dom/me who likes to keep things simple, low prim and lag and have a nice clean classic look. 9 Prims.

Ceriano Designs

Sale Price: Hair: $50L, Dress: $75

Butterfly EffectZ

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 300L
Strapless Pink Satin gown with Silver butterfly Clasps

Bellissima Fine Furniture

Sale Price: $L300
Regular Price:$L750


Sale Price: L$110
Comes with hot pink glitter top, glitter ball gown, smooth ball gown, mini skirt and glitch pants.

Annabella's Song

Sale Price: 50L

* Amaranthus * Victorian Gothic Style Jewelry & Accessories

Sale Price: L$100 (for each metal & gem combination; available in 4 metals and 10 gem colors)

Sale Price: L$75 (for each metal & gem combination; available in 4 metals and 10 gem colors)

Alexandre skins & fashion

Sale Price:300 l$

Sale Price:50 l$

Alatiel Fashions

Sale Price: 300L

Sale Price: 225L

Sale Price: 350L

Abrahams Home Decor

Sale Price: 100L


Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 180L
L.O.W. Exclusive Release Offer

A&R Designs

Sale Price: 50L
Be unique...be sexy!

A&k Designs

Sale Price: 75L each
Sexy Fishnet booty set, for the party girl in all of us

A Piece of candy

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 300L

Zoe's Garden

Sale Price: 50L-100L
This week we are placing all hibiscus flowers on sale! We have a variety of planters available (fleur de lis, vintage floral and burberry, to name a few), which come in large and small sizes, as well as several different hibiscus colors to choose from. Come to visit, stay to relax.

Vicarious Vitae

Sale Price: 50Ls
Outfit includes sweather, shorts, leggings, tank top and ankle boots.

Unique Clothing and Tattoos

Sale Price: 50l


Sale Price: 89L
Regular Price: 199L

SLC Mainstore

Sale Price: 99L
Regular Price: 249L

Sher's Cottage Gardens

Sale Price: $38L


Sale Price: $60L

The Sacred Roze

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 150L

*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*

Sale Price: 69l$
54% OFF ! 3 Single & 4 Couple Animated Poses !
Only 1 prim ! Various Colors to choose !


Sale Price: 69L
An RGK original, this unisex accessory is truly one of a kind. The VooDoo doll is texture-change by menu, and the prim on its face can be customized to your liking by yourself by simply dragging and dropping a texture from your inventory! Detailed with sculpted nails, safety pins, and flexy alpha feathers.

QQ Creations - Devil Girl Designs

Sale Price: L$150
20x20 Beach Hut, great for entertaining

Private Collection

Sale Price:150L

Piece of Mind

Sale Price: 49L