Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dark Intentions

Sale Price:$99L

Unique Clothing and Tattoos

Sale Price: 50L

Vicarious Vitae

Sale Price: 50Ls each

Virtual Growing Trees

Sale Price: l$99
We have All kinds of Trees and Plants for sale at prices ranging from L$10 - L$199 !


Sale Price: $50L
Regular Price: $200L

Zoe's Garden

Sale Price: 30L for COPY VERSION
Come to Zoe's Garden for all of your landscaping needs! This week come find a selection of lovely landscaping flowers, COPY versions, only one prim each. Individual flowers are more than 50% off, and the Fat Pack of all 6 flowers is 50% off as well. Come visit, and stay to relax.

A&R Designs

Sale Price: 50 L
Be unique...be sexy!


Sale Price: 400L each
Avatar Release Special Price

Alexandre skins & fashion

Sale Price: 110 l$

Bellissima Fine Furniture

Sale Price: $L375
Regular Price:$L750

Butterfly EffectZ

Sale Price: 75L
Regular Price: 250L
Orange Stripped Sweater and Coordinating Jeans

Catnip Designs

Sale Price: 60L

Ceriano Designs

Sale Price: Jewelry: 150L - Outfit: 150L

~*Classical Chaos*~

Sale Price: 65L
A submissive's love is like no others.. it's true, it's pure and its undying. This lovely granite cage with bronze bars with a heart in hand motif is a celebration of love that a submissive or slave has for their Dom.


Sale Price: 50L
Fat Pack! All 3 styles included! Resize scripted. Copy/mod.

DeSiGneR KiDz

Sale Price: 50L$

Drake`s Design

Sale Price: 50 L$

Ear Candy

Sale Price: 30L

Regular Price: 118L

Elsbeth Writer Photography

Sale Price: 45L
A framed photograph taken in SL. Wall Decor for home or business. C, M, and T for gift giving.

Eye Candi Quality Shapes & Eyes / Body Heat Skin/ Beauty by Georgia

Sale Price: 50L Each pack

Fior di Perle Skins & Shapes

Sale Price: 80L
Regular Price: 200L
Extremely realistic snake texture. Dress comes with 3 skirts (one of them a mini sculpted skirt) and scultped belt. Great quality for a great price!

~Firefly Fashions~

Sale Price: L$10
Want your UNDIES to say something when the rest of the clothes come off? Make a Statement UNDIES are your answer then. From cute to attitude these UNDIES are sure to put a smile on your face.

Foxworth Creations

Sale Price: 60L
This large Underwater Coral Hill is covered in grasses, corals, and anenomes of all colors. Relax on the mer pose and play with the tropical fish schooling around it! Only 15 prims and copyable! Just 60L this week only for LOW!


price 25L$

INTERAZZO life::style

Sale Price: L$ 99
Regular Price: L$ 499
Awesome sky box at an amazing price!


Sale Price: l$45
Get this ring of exquisite taste that is part of the collection Jairis Ambar, complete all kit.


Sale Price: 60L$ Each

LACE Designs

Sale Price: 100L

Lemania Indigo Designs

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 395L
Created specially for this weekly event. Every week expect a brand new full priced item offered for 50L.

Lois Allen Designs

Sale Price: 100L
Wrap yourself with red roses and lilies in this beautiful gown by Lois. The unique cutout bodice with low backline and tiered slim floor length skirt combine to make a gown that will make you unforgettable.

Made by .. Houses & Furniture

Sale Price: L$ 275
2 story building, 5 rooms, slide doors, stairs, porch & balcony

Miss Honeypumkin's & CrumblingHillDesign

Sale Price: 60 L$
Regular Price: 210L$

Nephilim Mens & Womens Fashions

Sale Price: 20L
This is UBER CUTE and fun to wear.. Come on down before it goes up in price after the LOW price is done.

Piece of Mind

Sale Price: 75L

*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*

Sale Price: 100l$
Regular Price: 399l$
75% OFF ! Modern Living Room with Animated Poses (Couple & Single), Realistic Fireplace on/off with sound, Low Table & Plant. High Quality textures & sculpts. Only 30 prims, Modify & Transfer

The Sacred Roze

Sale Price: 50L


Sale Price: $75L

Sher's Cottage Gardens

Sale Price: $60L