Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sale Price: 75L
Regular Price: 179L
An RGK original, this unisex accessory is truly one of a kind. Rat Bastard is a backpack made with Nekos in mind, but really, it's great for anyone who enjoys the sick and twisted ;) Packed full of dead rats AND features, this unisex accessory won't disappoint: Leather accents are texture-change independently of the body and straps, which are also texture-changeable; resizeable and re-positionable by menu; and finally, the photos on the backpack can be customized easily by YOU, showing off all the wonderful Rat Bastards in your life. Instructions are included. Enjoy!

*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*

Sale Price: 249l$
Regular Price: 499l$
"Lovely dinning set to celebrate with your partner. With music, champagne giver, customizable photo frame & sofas with 7 animated poses. 6 pieces & high detailed"

SLC Mainstore

Sale Price: 69L
Regular Price: 199L

The Sacred Roze

Sale Price: 50L
Summer time is here... and this is the perfect summer dress for the park or the beach sweet and sassy ... the romantic quartz will make you shine


Sale Price: 60L
Regular Price: 200L

Shelly's Bootylicious Gear

Sale Price:50L
Regular Price: 600L


Sale Price: L$25

A Touch of Magic

Sale Price: 75 L


Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 199L

Unique Clothing

Sale Price:49L

Vicarious Vitae

Sale Price: 50Ls
Straight out of the 80s toy box! Rainbow Brite includes dress, arm & leg warmers, hair bow, star glasses & rainbow bracelets. Transfer OK so be sure to gift this to your favorite little girl :D

Zoe's Garden

Sale Price: 125L

Sale Price: 50L

A&k Designs

Sale Price: 75L
Regular Price: 200L
70's inspired jeans outfit, with flared legs, hip lace & bangles


Sale Price: 100L
Exclusively created for the L.O.W. sales

Abrahams Home Decor

Sale Price: 100L
Regular Price: 225L
This bookcase is Black Lacquer Finish and can also be used as a room divider.

Alexandre skins & fashion

Price: 150 l$

Price: 70 l$

Annabella's Song

Sale Price: 75 L


Sale Price: L$90
Regular Price: L$240
Multi-piece outfit: Corset (bra layer) Lace bodysuit, (upper & lower layer) Glitch pants and two skirts: Flowing, flexi ballroom with train and sheer layers, and layered with petticoat, for a more medieval look.


Sale Price: L$75
BalAni's RED Picnic Shirt: comes on both jacket and shirt layers, along with a complement on the underpants layer for a tucked look, and sculpted collar. PERMS: Since the perms are Modify and Transfer, you can buy it as a gift too ;)


Sale Price: $L125

Butterfly EffectZ

Sale Price: 50L
Regular Price: 200L
Leather zipped pants Pink Bikini style top

Candi Bling Jewelry @ Eye Candi

Sale Price: 500L
Regular Price: 1000L


Sale Price: 99L each

Ceriano Designs

Sale Price: Silks: $59L, Shoes: $30
Regular Price: Silks: $250, Shoes: $100

~*Classical Chaos*~

Sale Price: 90L
A very simple, but classic wrought iron hanging cage with a beautiful ornate swirl patten to the bars and 6 slave poses. A must for the Dom/me who likes to keep things simple, low prim and lag and have a nice clean classic look. 9 Prims.

D&V Creations

Sale Price: 150 L

Dark Intentions

Sale Price:$49L

DeSiGneR KiDz

Sale Price: 50L$

Deviant Designs

Sale Price: L$275 (Fat Pack L$1100)
Regular Price: L$550 (Fat Pack L$2200)

Ear Candy

Sale Price: 40L
Regular Price: 177L

Elsbeth Writer Photography

Sale Price: 45L

Fire GOOD!!!

Sale Price: 49L
Regular Price: 250L

~Firefly Fashions~

Sale Price: L$500
Regular Price: Resort home normal price is L$2000, mountain retreat is L$3000
Live the life of luxury with Firefly Fashions original buildings. Whether you want a RETREAT or a RESORT your SL home will now be your getaway with these elegant builds.

Foxworth Creations

Sale Price: 50L
Add some steampunk to your sim with our Rusty Gears Wall & Steam Pipe Set! The Gears Wall is large, 20x10, with a custom made background and 3 rotating gears (only 4 prims!). 2 versions are included, one with a transparent wall, and one with a solid wall. The Steam Pipe is large scale as well, and only 2 prims. All items are copyable! Only 50L for the set!

Fuzion Fashions

Sale Price: 50L each
Regular Price: 150L each
Risky is a sexy short outfit with a tank that is lifted up to show off those pasties worn with some cute jean shorts. a Summer must have for those sexy nights!
Roxy is a Sexy strappy flexi skirt mini dress, great for those nights out when you wanna show a little skin! all @ Fuzion


Sale Price:50L


LOW price: 15L$
Regular price: 60L

LOW price: 15L$

INTERAZZO life::style

Sale Price: L$ 40 (each colour)
Regular Price: L$ 149

Sale Price: L$ 90
Regular Price L$ 399

Sale Price: L$ 90
Regular Price L$ 399

Sale Price: L$ 90
Regular Price L$ 449

JLZ Designs

Sale Price: $110