Saturday, March 20, 2010

LACE Designs

Sale Price: 125L
Regular Price: 350L

If April showers bring May flowers, what does a sexy little dress like this bring? Why me of course. *laughs* Just kidding, but it does bring loads of admirers. This dress is so soft and pretty, the pale blue and white makes you feel like you are wearing the sky on a beautiful spring day instead of a rainy one. The cool swirly texture and shading looks like a puddle of silky smooth water gently caressing your skin. What better way to 'wash' away the 'blues". *giggles*

The tube top on this is very pretty, sculpted cut around your breasts and hugging your skin tightly, and short enough to show the sexy expanse of your mid-drift. *wiggles her eyebrows* The skirt is hard to understand how nice it is without seeing it moving about your hips and legs. The word it brings to mind is billowy, like a cloud. A lot of skirts I've seen like this will let parts of your body stick out as you move, like your butt and legs...this one doesn't do that. And the pattern is so cool it still looks very pretty when the pieces move separately. And I love how the under-layers that show at the bottom are transparent. Diva has slashed the price by almost a 3rd, do not miss this great deal!

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